Wind Map: 3D Hurricane Tracker

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- see Live Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones
- Watch the wind currents (LIVE)
- satellite images for active storms
- alerts for intensifying cyclones
- check out Investigate areas to be able to predict storms
- Live feed: see what is the community is talking about and sharing
- Map Projection: Orthographic, Equirectangular, Winkel Tripel & Waterman Butterfly
- This app is excellent for Storm chasing, for surfing and water sports.
- Predict wind and storms
- see how (hurricanes) and (tornadoes) are formed
- living earth is living art
- (3D earth) globe maps of wind, heat and other great features
- See the Future predictions: go forward and backward
- See the past to check out how storms developed
- get alerts when Tropical storms land fall on land
- 3D heat Map with history & the ability to predict future temperatures
- know where are the heat waves around the world and where it is freezing
- atmospheric pressure corresponds to altitude
- several pressure layers are meteorologically interesting
- wind speed at specified height
- temperature at specified height
- High definition HD mode for High quality screens
- become a wind guru with this windy app
- hurricane tracker
- watch the eye of Hurricane
- Wind speed and temperature
- Marine & aviation weather
- needed for hobbyists from yachting to kiteboarding
- whole world anemometer
- very useful for fishermen
- mesmerizing interactive map of the wind
- cyclone tracker & Wind Charts

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special thanks go to Cameron Beccario

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