Winlive Pro Karaoke Mobile

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- Karaoke Offline
- Reading files: midi, kar, mp3, wave, Cd-G (mp3+g), txt and pdf with key transpose, change tempo, change instruments and saving management
- Mp4 and 3gp video player added
- You can add a .txt or an image file to your midi and mp3/audio files
- You can disable auto-play (if need modify key, tempo etc. before starting a new song)
- Import / Export .WLS files (Winlive Saves)
- You can access to big directories faster
- New soundfonts for midifile (internal synth engine)
- Many other new features and better performance...
- Unique to support the M-live midi karaoke format
- Chords displays for midi , kar and mp3 (if included)
- Karaoke display full size with background pictures
- Multi-tracks mixer for midifile ( volume adjustment and instruments changes ) with saving system
- Management of 40 SongLists with possibility to book next song or more song on a temp songlist ( F10 )
- Reading pdf, pictures and txt files as a electronic book
- Fast search in a SongList or search by first letter
- File Browser to find a file in your device or setting a folder for SongList
- Searching a midi file on web (intelligent Google Search)
- Song list editor for set specific options for each song list( loop , melody muted for midifile, stop, random songs )
- Loop files as a groove machine
- Many Options for customize your app
- A 48Mb midi GM+ sounds bank approved by ProMusicSoftware labs (the most powerful sound generator for mobile)

This app only contains demo songs but is compatible with a large number of easily available files

Midi player (midifile player)
kar player
mp3 player
cdg player (cd-g player)
wave player (wav player)
pdf reader
youtube player

Multiplayer and karaoke systems bringing over 20 years' experience and skills in leadership.
Winlive the main protagonist of your karaoke and musical party
Sing along, wherever, whenever !

Have fun with Winlive Pro Karaoke Mobile !


ProMusicSoftware - Via Perlasca, 8 - 76011 Bisceglie (BT) - ITALY

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