Wolf 2 - Responsive Designer

发行商: Aidaluu Inc.
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价格: 4.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Wolf helps you build beautiful and mobile-friendly websites. This app focuses on responsive layout with support for fluid sections that render beautifully on different sized screens. Wolf is also available for Mac, please look for "Wolf 2" on the Mac App Store. (Mac edition is sold separately)

What is the difference between a traditional website designer and a responsive website designer?
Wolf is a responsive designer. Unlike traditional designers that generate static website designs, responsive builders generate websites that will automatically adjust layout based on browser device width. Wolf is excellent for creating websites optimized for both desktop and mobile-devices.

Can I use this app to update my existing website?
If you created your website with a different builder, it will need to be re-built within this app, Wolf is not able to open HTML files directly. If your existing website was built using Wolf 2 for Mac, you will be able to open your design file and update using this app.

How does Wolf output my designs?
Wolf is a visual web design editor and exports your web design files to the iOS Files app, these files will be ready for you to publish using your own FTP app. Please note Wolf focuses on design and layout features only, hosting and file transfer are not supported.

How many websites can I create with Wolf?
Wolf does not limit the number of websites, you can create as many as you like.

Can I use this app offline?
Wolf does not require internet connection, so you can create and design anywhere and anytime.

Where can I learn more about Wolf?
Please visit our official website at http://wolf.aidaluu.com for feature demos, videos and tutorials.

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