Word Connect: Crossword Games

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Word Connect is a great puzzle game for word puzzle geniuses.
Interesting challenges are arranged in increasing difficulty, surely you will love from the first touch.

Hidden words - the target you need to find in the game.
Crosswords - complete them to open the next puzzle.

This word matching game will help you:
- Relax and entertain.
- Improve your spelling skills.
- Expanding vocabulary.

Why do people love Word Connect?
- More than 1000 levels ready to help you train your brain.
- Daily rewards value.
- Play offline.
- Applicable for all ages.
- Quick and free updates.
- Free hints.
- The game is provided by the Oxford Dictionary.
- Simple operation to build words.
- Classic style, beautiful graphics.
- Unlimited time.
- Easily open the level list and replay.
- Supported on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
- Multi-language support.

This word link game is the perfect choice for your family.
Easy to play, easy to learn!
Share the fun with your family and friends and enjoy connecting words with each other.

Swipe the letter blocks horizontally / vertically / diagonally to form a specific hidden word.
Filling crossword puzzles with words
Use hints if you get stuck.

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