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Word Switch : Cross & connect

发行商: Ming Yang
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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The classic wordcross game is back! Try the new Word Switch game 2020 and win rewards. pass more levels and get your bonus. You know you cannot miss it now!

Catch all words and complete the word cross by connecting letters orderly.
Play with family and friends and buildup your spelling skills.
Small addictive games to kill your time!
Take a little brain exercise to make you joyful and happy

Key features:
Endless levels to pass.
User friendly: easy to play
Great interface and beautiful sound effect
Get rewards by passing every level
Bonus: when you find hidden words and connect the letters, you can get special rewards
Free to play and free to update!

We value your feedback:
If you have any suggestions and comments, please contact us.
We will carefully read your feedback. We will continue to update our game and improve your user experience.


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24827 条评价

Less adds more money

Need to pay more spend less


Be aware

I’m on level 583, at $41.99. After 15 rounds to pass the next level, you make .23-.35 cents. It isn’t as easy to earn now. Especially when they start to make up words: SHORL, CLARO, etc. and if you want to watch an ad to get a hint, you have to watch 4. Currently (the last several levels) I am going through a series of Yahoo:Finance ads that is a series of 4 each lasting 20-60 seconds. This makes the game so much less fun. I enjoyed it in the beginning. Now it’s a job. Ha ha. Don’t let those Word Shift previews fool you. What they show you is not how it works.


Won’t load anymore!

I was really enjoying this game, making decent progress. Now with less than $2 away from the $50, it won’t load anymore. Says I’m not connected, which I am connected and all other apps load.


Lisa Nelson

I have played several levels. Now that I’m close to cash out amount it won’t load. The amounts you win get less and less. I really enjoyed this game but this? I’m gone. These games are a joke. They don’t pay out. False advertising all the way. All my other apps open and operate so I know it’s being controlled by their side. Extremely disappointed


Loading issues

I’ve been playing about a month. Now all the sudden it won’t load. Fix it please.


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