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Wordex is the best solution for reading books as fast as possible on your iPhone!
Wordex help you read faster. No learning or trainings required. Average speed reading is 250 words per minute. When you try Wordex, you start with speed of 350 words per minute, that is 100 words more that you can now! This is special technology, provided by speed reading academy. You focus only on one word, you do not need to move your eyes anywhere. Just focus to read.

Enjoy all the benefits of Wordex:

Fast | Up to 5 000 words per minute! Incredible!
Efficienct | Import from any resource that you have
Convenient | Use browser without importing
Useful | Store as much book as you have
Free | You can read books for free

Supported books formats:
* epub
* mobi
* prc
* fb2
* txt
* doc
* docx
* rtf

And many more!

Unfortunately, files like pdf and djvu are not supported, as they are scanned pages by themselves - there is no text, which means it is not displayed correctly in our application, thank you for your understanding.

Wordex Premium benefits:
- No advertisment
- Unlimited documents or books storage
- No time limit for the app
- No speed reading limit

Use the free 3 day trial to evaluate all the benefits by yourself!

Terms of subscription:
* Free trial period - 3 days from the date of purchase
* Payment will be charged from your iTunes account when you confirm your purchase
* The renewal fee will be charged to your account within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period
* After purchasing a subscription, you can manage it and turn off automatic updates in your account settings
* The current subscription will remain active you cancel it at least 24 hours before the current subscription period expires
* You can not cancel a current subscription, however you can unsubscribe from future purchases
* The unused portion of the free trial subscription period will be canceled if you purchase a subscription during this period.

Price of subscriptions:
Weekly: $0.99 in any equivalent
Monthly: $2.99 in any equivalent
Yearly: $29.99 in any equivalent

Privacy Policy: http://mobapps.tilda.ws/wordex/privacy
Terms of use: http://mobapps.tilda.ws/wordex/terms
Instructions: http://mobapps.tilda.ws/wordex/instructions
Contact us: id_bnv@icloud.com

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