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Change Seats

发行商: Takatoshi Fukino
价格: 3.99 USD 支持应用内购买


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It is a seat change application that can be used at schools. You can decide your seat with a random roulette wheel.

● You can enjoy changing seats as if you were playing a game!

● It is also possible to fix the seat!
Basically, the seat is decided at random, but you can decide the seat in advance. Therefore, it is possible to operate people who want to sit in the front or who do not want to sit next to each other. Of course, the roulette wheel spins like any other person, so it won't come out.

● You can select how many rows the seats will be from the front.
It can also be used when the front seat is good due to vision problems.

● You can also create a list from your computer
By linking with Dropbox, you can also create and import a list on your computer.
You can work quickly even by entering a large number of names.

● Easy-to-read layout!
When using it in a class, please use it by projecting it on a projector or TV. The letters are large so that they are easy to see even at that time.

● Supports various seat arrangements!
You can also specify the seat position and number, so you can flexibly change the seat layout.

● You can create multiple seat sets for multiple classes.
There is also a function to copy the name from other seat sets, so you can easily enter the name.

● Seating chart creation function
You can save the seat data after changing seats in the photo app.
Data displayed in the opposite direction from the teacher's perspective can also be saved.

● Premium features
You can save your seating chart history by making additional purchases within the app!
-It is automatically saved every time the seat change is completed.
-You can also change the position, background color, and name of the saved seating chart on the blackboard.


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