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新巴城巴 CitybusNWFB

发行商: Bravo Transport Services Limited
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1. Next Bus Arrival Time Enquiry function with driving status of the bus

- Display ETA of the next 3 arrivals within 60 minutes of all Citybus / NWFB routes, including KMB and Long Win departures for jointly operated routes and the ETA of Kowloon Motor Bus / Long Win Bus, New Lantao Bus and Green minibuses provided by
- Exclusively display actual distance between current location of the travelling bus and the selected stop on Citybus NWFB routes. Alert user when delay is detected or when the bus cannot continue its journey.
- Able to customize ETA display method in “countdown minutes” or “arrival time”.

2. Nearby Route search, get ETA of all franchised buses and minibus routes nearby
- Display next bus ETA and nearest bus stop of all routes within 400m radius from current or selected location.
- The routes bookmarked or frequently checked will be displayed on the top of the list.
- You can manage routes bookmarked or checked in “Bookmark” and “History” page.

3. Find Nearby Bus Stop on map
- Click a bus stop on the map to show all routes calling that bus stop, next bus ETA.

4. Powerful Bookmark function with push notification on latest news
- Retrieve next bus ETA of desired routes in the “Bookmark” page after bookmarking a route and bus stop. Sequence of the bookmarks can be “Edited” to put favorite routes on top.
- With push notification enabled, you can receive route specific customer notice and special arrangement referencing the bookmarks.
- Origin and destination can also be bookmarked to speed up nearby bus stop search and point-to-point search.

5. Look for ETA by destination
- By clicking the new “Destination” button at main page, the system will suggest direct Citybus NWFB routes from user current location to the selected destination, with ETA to the nearest bus stop.
- If there is no direct route, the system will suggest a combination of Citybus/ NWFB routes to the destination.

6. Intelligent Point to Point Route Search
- Display the fastest, cheapest or less walking required Citybus/ NWFB routes at your selected time of travel
- Provide estimated journey time integrating timetable, historical bus journey times, ETA and user walking time.
- Octopus interchange and fare concessions are included when displaying fare.

7. Alight reminder
- Remind you to alight in 2 phases according to the distance to the bus stop. You can preset up to 10 alight reminders. The reminder will be deleted automatically upon arrival.

8. Instant Traffic News
- Provide special traffic news from Transport Department & Citybus/NWFB

9. Fare Concession
- You can go to the Citybus / NWFB fare concession page with just one click to view the various bus-bus interchange and other fare discounts we offer

- Automatic search for nearest routes and bus stops function uses location service of your device.
- When alight reminder is enabled, the app uses location service of your device continuously until arriving at the selected bus stop, which may drain battery.
- Next bus ETA, alight reminder and search result of point to point search are for reference only, subject to traffic conditions.


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