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#1 downloaded Sri Lanka Railways train app.

Whether you're a regular commuter or a tourist, now you can travel in Sri Lanka better than before with train information at your fingertips.

Sri Lanka Train Times displays Sri Lanka railways timetable data on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

It is brilliant at finding you train to go home/work or visit your girl/boyfriend on weekends. It can even get you across the country to have some vacation. Pretty cool right ?

So, next time you take train don't forget to take Sri Lanka Train Times along for the ride!

- Offline train schedule (New)
- Easy to view timetables
- Auto complete station names
- View available classes for trains
- Save departure and destination stations
- Swap departure and destination stations
- Duration for Journeys
- Ticket prices for Journeys
- Search past and future train schedules
- Share the train details
- Easily send feedback
- View train stations on the map
- Universal app for iPhone and iPads

Train schedule data is read from ICTA's railway service API. So, we can't guarantee the service is up 100% of the time and the accuracy of the information. There may be occasions when the functionality isn't available due to technical reasons outside of our control.

This app needs WiFi or 3G. If you are using 3G, be careful about the data plan you have.

Twitter: @ankahathara

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated to Sri Lanka Government, Sri Lanka Railways, Mobitel or Dialog and there are no warranties associated with the app. By using this app, you are solely responsible for any legal implications/liabilities arising from using the app.



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