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Yakety is free for a limited time! Take your chance!

Yakety does not contain any ads or annoying popups! And want to keep it like that. All revenue will be invested in the development of Yakety. We are working hard to optimize the app for iPad and landscape mode.

Do you think something is missing in Yakety? Do you have a feature request? Please let us know. Hopefully we can make your wishes come true in the coming releases.

So what is Yakety about?

Are you looking for an easy way to record a speech, a poem or a story? With Yakety you can do so without memorizing a word. The text is scrolling up your screen as you record your story on video. Of course you won’t see this scrolling text in the final recording. Like this anyone can become a great storyteller.
Set the scrolling speed to to the timing of your reading: slow, medium or fast. Is the text still scrolling too fast? You can always pause the text by touching the screen.

To inspire you to tell great stories we have included a couple of beautiful poems to surprise your love. But of course there are lots of other ways to use Yakety. Write your own story to give a speech or a lecture, record a cool story for your blog, or maybe even record a news-item as a reporter. We can’t wait to see how you will be using Yakety.

To get the best result try to read the text when it reaches the top of the screen. Set the scrolling speed so it matches your reading style and pause the text by holding the screen if it’s going to fast.

Have fun using Yakety and tell great stories!

Again: This app is optimized for iPhone in portrait mode. Landscape mode will be available soon. If you encounter any problems, we would love to hear from you via Facebook or the support link.

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