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Yellfy Sports mobile app is your best source for news, scores, highlights and more! Follow your favorite teams, and never miss an update!
Yellfy Sports App is highly rated and an excellent sports app for scores, news, rumors, stats, highlight videos and more! Stay up to date with real-time transfer news and rumors, scores, analysis, and real-time stats. Yellfy sports app is built for YOU as a fan! it is Fast, FREE, and simple to use. Download now and join many other fans just like you on our all-in-one sports platform. Expand your social media network by posting directly to Facebook and Twitter through Yellfy. Enjoy instant private messaging, group text and much more. Yellfy’s powerful technology super-charges your sports lifestyle with more features, more information, and more ways to connect with friends and followers. Stay on top of teams and players, scores and stats, tickets and parties, and breaking news. Pick winners, predict scores, and compete in our year-round contests. Nothing like a little cash to go with your bragging rights! Join the movement to Yellfy and transform how you watch, share, talk about and celebrate sports. The more you use it, the better the experience becomes.

Yellfy Sports App is fast, comprehensive, and super simple to use with only 2 main tabs:

* My Favorites - This is YOUR personalized feed with all the content you care about from your favorite leagues, teams, and players. Also any user on Yellfy that you like to follow by using YELLFY Social Media feature.

* More Sports - A live view of every game's scores and stats at your fingertips. Every score at a glance, updated in real-time. Just tap the game for detailed box scores, including live player stats, betting lines and news. In the sports' tab follow your favorite Leagues and check out the latest news, scores, standings, and leaders for the sport you care about.

Yellfy App has the deepest coverage of leagues and competition, including:

Following Football Leagues:
English Premier League
UEFA Champions League
FIFA World Cup
Serie A
La Liga
FA Cup
League Cup
Europa League
Ligue 1
Coppa Italia
Copa Del Rey
Liga MX
UEFA European Championships
Brasileiro Serie A
Colombia Primera A
Super Lig Turkey

Following North American Sports:
American Football (NFL Football and NCAA Football regular season and playoffs)
Baseball (MLB Baseball, season play and playoffs)
Basketball (NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball - including March Madness championship and playoffs)
Hockey (NHL Hockey)
Golf (PGA and European Tour)

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