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Yodha Quotes and Sayings app is your daily trigger for things that matter. An inspirational, motivational quote of the day about love, life, relationship or friendship is what makes your day fulfilled!

Start your morning off right, check your inspirational quote of the day first!

With the daily love quotes app, a line or even just a word can awaken your insights and deepen your life and romantic relationships with positive meaning and emotions!

Once you install life quotes and sayings app, you will get a unique quote every single day on the go.

A wish for a true change is what gets you started. The Yodha app is what keeps you going.

There won’t be a need anymore to search around for an extra daily boost to keep your personal and spiritual growth. Yodha Team has already searched through endless sayings and love quotes of the greatest minds from all over the world to share the secrets of happiness and the life wisdom that you don’t want to miss.

Extra features are available:

- Set a reminder for a quote of the day

- Collect your favorite sayings and encouraging quotes

- Share and inspire your friends with positive friendship quotes

- Quotes are now on your Apple Watch. Check daily quotes right on your wrist!

Wish you to enjoy love quotes and life motivational sayings!

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