Offroad Hilux Pickup Truck Sim

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Rush into the hottest championship between experienced pickup drivers! Today you should override all your rivals and come in the first three in the harsh conditions of these awesome offroad tracks! Show your fantastic driving skills sitting behind the steering wheel of your awesome pickup truck! Play our new Offroad Hilux Pickup Truck Simulator game and have fun!

Every track will bring you really interesting and exciting feelings, so win them all to become a real pickup racing king! Offroad is not so easy to ride on, but you’re skillful enough to deal with it! Become the best offroad driver ever and make all your rivals regret about their defeat!

Sit behind the steering wheel, start your engine and be ready to rush really fast! All your contestants are here to win, so do your best and override them all! Today your tracks are not easy at all: you’re going to race through the forests, hills and other offroad spaces! Show them all who’s the racing boss here! Feel the power of your pickup car and win the game of Offroad Hilux Pickup Truck Simulator!

Earn points for successfully passed tracks and power your pickup truck up making it more maneuverable, faster and mobile! Create your own style for your pickup car or unlock new types of these powerful vehicles with their own interesting stats and characteristics!

Offroad Hilux Pickup Truck Simulator features:
• Wide range forest offroad tracks for more fun
• Various types of absolutely wonderful pickups
• Unusual ways to power your pickup truck up
• Great surroundings made in 3D

Start your pickup racing career right here and right now with our new fantastic Offroad Hilux Pickup Truck Simulator game! Let the ground burning under your hot wheels, reach fantastic speeds and become really skillful driver – you can do this, we are absolutely sure!

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