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发行商: Zain Kuwait
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Zain SME App is an application designed to cater Zain’s SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) segment. This app is a one- stop shop for all Business owners where they can, as they can customize, control and create their packages to suit their needs. As per Zain’s initiative to move towards a digital age, this App was created to allow small business to grow and develop.

Business owners will be able to:
• Manage Autopay settings (Activate, deactivate).
• Pay Bill: Pay outstanding or full amount for all lines in the contract, one line of the contract or a line that is not listed within the contract.
• Bill details: Review bill details per category (penalty, instalments, etc.) and review information from previous months.
• Shop: Purchase new lines, plans, devices and accessories. The customer will be able to select the items he/she wants and will be taken through the full experience of purchasing items and have them delivered to the company address or a different address provided.
• Track orders: Manage real time status of the placed orders (detailed order status will be provided and real-life location of package to be delivered).
• Manage lines: Review existing lines within the contract, change a line’s plan, add a device and/or accessory to a line, etc.
• Call details: Review call/SMS/roaming information per line within the contract.
• Mobile number portability request: Add a line to the existing contract which belongs to another telecom company.
• Manage account: Change company profile, address, update documentation, etc.

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