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Modern Psychics: Online Advice

发行商: Adviqo Technology Corp.
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Get real, instant love, life and relationship advice. Modern Psychics are always by your side. Our psychics, energy healers and mediums are available on-the-go 24/7 to help you grow, gain insight and achieve your personal goals.

Start a call or chat with an experienced gifted psychic and get the expert advice you need to heal and balance your life from within.
Talk to a psychic who cares about you and improve your relationships to make the most of them.

Our mission is to unlock the power of happiness. Modern Psychics isn’t just about psychic readings, we are here to change lives.

Install the app now, receive 3 free minutes + 20% OFF on your first reading and make an authentic spiritual connection!

A Modern Psychic is someone who is:

Kind: we believe in kindness and compassion
Honest: we create meaningful connections
Real: we build trust and confidence

How does it work?
• Browse over a premium selection of psychics
• Start a chat or call
• and get kind and honest insights about you and your life
• Talk to a trustworthy psychic about dating, cheating, break-ups, divorce or your partner
• Get a love reading from Modern Psychics and find the love and happiness you deserve

Our app is your private and personal shelter where you find inner balance by the hand of gifted professionals and top-notch personalized in-chat services such as aura readings, energy healings, remote reiki sessions, synastry (aka love compatibility charts), guided meditations and much more.

Some services we offer:

• Real Time Spiritual Readings
• Psychic Readings
• Love & Relationships Advice
• Breakups, Couple Counselling
• Tarot Card Readings
• Astrology In-Chat Services
• Monthly, Weekly and Daily Free Horoscope Personal Forecasts
• Medium / Intuitive / Clairvoyant / Empath Sessions

We believe everyone deserves to be happy and we want to inspire and motivate you to trust your inner power to live a better life. With time, insights, resilience and self-acceptance we know you’ll become the best version of yourself!


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