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Zombie Comando Shooting

发行商: Shooting Puzzle Game Limited
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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An unknown mutant animal bite a human walking on the road, and the world has changed since then. Watching people turn into zombies one by one, and cities after city into dead cities. As one of the few survivors, in order to build a sanctuary for humans, you have begun the task of fighting for survival space with the cruel army of zombies.
As the most brave warrior of mankind, you possess unique abilities. You have developed many kinds of weapons against zombies, all of which can cause huge damage to zombies.

You can choose a variety of props in the game, and different combinations of props can present different effects. A reasonable combination of weapons allows you to eliminate zombies faster.

There are also many mutated creatures in zombies, which can cause explosions, split, and restore life to their kind. This will make it difficult for you to kill them, so you can upgrade the weapons to make the weapons more powerful.

You can upgrade your talents in the game, talents can also make you more powerful.

Enter the game and start a hearty battle.


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