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Toddler flashcards with high-quality pictures, photos, sounds, written words and professional audio from native speakers.
Play, have fun and learn about the world starting from the first few months!

In an intuitive and convenient way your baby gets acquainted with a variety of words and concepts by simply clicking on colorful pictures.

App features:

• Toddler flashcards in 2 categories: Wild Animals and Farm Animals.
• 3 different high-quality pictures and amazing sounds for each object
• The intuitive and easy viewing mode by simply touching the flashcards.
• There are specially selected sounds of animals, birds and much more.
• The voiced flashcards are professionally recorded with native speakers.
• There are advanced settings of the flashcards viewing mode.
• In the process of developing the application adaptations were programmed, taking into consideration the child's perception and interaction with the phone or tablet, including lengthy pressing of the screen by accident.

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