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发行商: Qianyun Zhao
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone



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Zynn is ​a short-form video platform that enables users to create and share unique videos with friends, family and beyond​. ​Zynn is dedicated to creating a platform that inspires creativity and authenticity, as well as promoting and celebrating diversity, inclusion and equality. With Zynn, you can be seen, be heard and be YOU!

- Creative Hub: You have full access to features, audio tracks and editing tools on Zynn, which will make you stunning in front of the camera. All you need to do is be yourself and Zynn will do the rest!

- Social Community: On Zynn, you can connect with friends from around the world. Together, you can start exploring, creating, sharing and Zynning!

We have some exciting new features to share with you!

Feature Highlights

- User Experience: The video watching experience has been upgraded with higher video resolution and an improved interface. Enjoy high-quality videos in portrait-mode on your phone.

- Original Soundtracks: You can now create original audio tracks to add to your videos! You can also share your tracks with the Zynn community, so they can make videos with the tracks too.

- Magic Effects: A new library of magic effects has been added to Zynn. With these filters, you can become a pop star or your spirit animal with the tap of your finger!

- Search: Now you can find your favorite users and videos by searching their usernames or video descriptions.

- Hashtags: Want to make your videos easily discoverable on Zynn and more likely to be trending? Time to add your hashtags.


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34406 条评价

Needs work

I came from tik tok because it’s getting banned. I was looking. Around at all the features that could be use first of this app needs a lot of work 1. You can’t search for your music that you want in the recording “zone” which I absolutely hate2. There is no green screen effect which makes me mad because 99.9% of the time I need it 3. I’m not aloud to upload MY videos that I created on tik tok onto Zynn so I have to recreate every thing I’ve already made which I can’t do because none of the sounds or effects are available 4. You can’t convert anything to a Live Photo which makes me mad also because I can have a background This app is so underdeveloped I really don’t recommend getting this app it does not meet the expectation level I would like trying to mimic tik tok dident work so well I absolutely hate it I could survive without zynn or tik tok but do better the creators of zynn there is so much more I would like to say but then it would be like an essay


I have a question

How can I redeem my zynn cheers?



They don’t give out gift cards anymore that’s the only reason I downloaded this app it’s disappointing now that I can’t get no more gift cards to buy robux :(


Rip off

This is exactly like TikTok



It’s nice! But I would like to use zynn cheers for gift cards.. PLEASEEEE! I want to get gift cards and this would be my chance. All of my friends would love it. And I can refer a bunch of them to this app. :)


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