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Do you find yourself editing rather than writing? This app will help you on your way. With (very) limited editing ability all you can really do is write.

All the great writers recommend writing 1000 words a day to get you in the habit of writing. It doesn’t matter what you write as long as you write.

The app supports you in writing those 1000 words because it makes writing easy, and editing almost impossible (for those of us who get caught up in editing rather than writing). You can only backspace 5 characters and you cannot copy and paste.

If you save your work or quit the app before the 1000 words target is reached it will save it as a text document which cannot be opened in this app.

Look on it as an ideas app as well as one that flexes your writing muscles. Try it for free-writing to unlock ideas. Free-writing is unplanned, fast, unedited and uncensored writing. You’ll end up with a lot of nonsense but you’ll also get a lot of ideas. Or use it to get that novel actually written — 1000 words a day adds up to 30,000 words a month!

You can close the app before you reach 1000 words but you might as well use any other text editor for that. Trouble is in any other text editor you can edit, which won’t get your writing done.

Once you hit 1000 words you can save the document as a text file then open in in any other app which opens text documents and edit to your heart’s content. At least you will have achieved that 1000 word goal.

A word count and little encouragements help keep you going.

Out of your 1000 words there will always be something you can use that makes sense.

"Write as fast as you can, not as well as you can." Howard Becker

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