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Battlezone 98 Redux Odyssey Edition

发行商: Rebellion Games
价格: 18.99 USD


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Battlezone 98 Redux delivers one of the greatest sci-fi strategy games of all time with remastered visuals, mods support and online multiplayer. This “Odyssey Edition” completes the package with the inclusion of The Red Odyssey expansion featuring additional playable factions, campaigns, vehicles and more!
Enter an alternate vision of the 1960s where the “space race” is nothing more than a cover for an interplanetary war between the US and Soviet Russia over mysterious alien bio-metal.
Take command of an army of sleek heavy assault tanks, strike cruisers, APCs and more, and wreak havoc with super-heated projectiles in your mission to blast your enemy from the face of the Moon, Mars, Venus, Titan, Io, Europa and more.
Scavenge the battlefields for crucial bio-metal, deploy powerful defenses, construct advanced facilities and escalate each battle to an epic confrontation.
Revolutionary, revitalised and remastered, Battlezone 98 Redux’s blend of thrilling first person action and tense RTS gameplay is as essential now as it ever was.

Critically Acclaimed RTS:
• Command the battlefield and fight vehicle-to-vehicle from first and third-person view.
• Unleash mechanized devastation with a huge tactical arsenal including Howitzers, MAG Cannons, Cold Fusion Lasers, Day Wrecker Artillery, and more.
• Customize and fortify your bases from the ground-up with production factories, power plants, barracks, armouries, command towers and deadly defensive turrets.
Four Explosive Campaigns:
• Play as the American NSDF and NSDF Black Dogs factions, the Soviet CCA or the Chinese Red Army, each with their own unique campaign.
• Experience 48 missions across 8 different planetary environments.
Sleek Remastered Visuals:
• Remodelled hi-res vehicles and buildings.
• Enhanced lighting, shadows and improved particle effects.
• Upgraded animations, upscaled terrain and more.
Online Multiplayer for 2-8 players:
• Experience the classic rush of "Deathmatch" and “King of the Hill”.
• Test your skills in a pulse-pounding battle of wits in "Strategy" mode.
• Play against PC Commanders with cross platform multiplayer.
Mods support and Map Editor:
• Tap into a wealth of community-created content including custom campaigns, single and multiplayer maps, custom tank skins, sound effects and more.
• Mods can be downloaded from

Mac OS 10.9.5 (Mavericks)
Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: Intel Iris 1536MB or equivalent.


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