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Sanskrit Writer Lite

发行商: Vedic Society
价格: 免费


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Sanskrit Writer allows you to quickly and easily type Sanskrit on your Mac. It was created for students, scholars, learners and lovers of Sanskrit!

It runs silently in the background and can be invoked to toggle the writing mode with the hotkey: Command + Control + S. You can also type the basic Vedic accents if required.

Once enabled simply type the punctuation of the Sanskrit character you wish to type as it is on the respective IAST letter from top to bottom for example to type ā simply type -a (dash a), to type ś simply type ‘s (apostrophe s). In Devanāgarī mode the output will be in Devanāgarī.

Most magnificently the app has a built in English-Sanskrit and Sanskrit-English dictionary that has been specially prepared for day to day conversational Sanskrit that will act as “trainer wheels” for those that wish to converse in writing with each other in Sanskrit. This feature has been created as a method of encouraging the daily use of Sanskrit. The dictionary has a grammatical framework too so once you know what you want to say you can choose the appropriate gender, case and number for nouns and adjectives or the appropriate form for verbs. The richness of the Sanskrit language and it’s beauty is now at your fingertips for daily usage of the language. To open the dictionary type Command + Control + /

Multiple Sanskrit output modes
-IAST (transliterated romanized Sanskrit)
-Devanāgarī (the most popular script for Sanskrit today)
-Brāhmī (an ancient historical and beautiful script for Sanskrit)

Built in dictionary
-a dictionary of the most common conversational and daily usage forms to encourage conversational written Sanskrit
-helps you to learn the language and it’s grammar
-English to Sanskrit and Sanskrit to English (reverse lookup)
-grammatical framework that covers the vastness of the Sanskrit language

Support for typing the Vedic accents
-type udātta, anudātta and svarita in IAST and Devanāgarī modes
-most common accents as used in the Ṛgveda and other text

-set Sanskrit Writer to run each time your computer starts
-enable Brāhmī mode if you wish to type in Brāhmī
-select your own hotkeys if you wish

Our dream is to bring Sanskrit into your daily life and make it easier for you to become confident to use Sanskrit in your daily communication.

Happy Sanskriting!


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