Assassin Vs Mummies - Match 3

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Everyone will love and enjoy this battling assassin against mummies with full 3D characters and amazing effects.

Special Match 3 levels with weeds that grow, stones and egyptian items that fall, ladybirds, branches, water, jelly, walls and blocks.

New duel model evels - play against AI to win these exciting levels.

You are a assassin with many amazing skills and can create or use many power up’s to help you complete the levels and stop the Mummies attacking.

An addictive Match 3 game, defeat a mummy with your assassin skills

Offers 450 levels of increasing difficulty, making the game as enjoyable for adults and children alike.

Complete the tasks along the way, levels with score limits, collection goals, drop items and time limits, plus more. Use your assassin skills to create many bombs and use your amazing skills to keep the mummies away.

Daily Wheel Bonus.

in Game Language’s : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

If you like Match 3 games, download this Assassin Vs Mummies now.

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