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Compress Photos - Reduce Size and Retain Quality

发行商: Rodrigo Dutra de Oliveira
价格: 7.99 USD


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Save space on your computer by compressing your photos/images. With Compress Photos you can compress a set of photos/images quickly.

You can add your photos/images, change the compress factor on a simple slider, marked with min (minimum compression) and max (max compression), and save.

Either to save space on your computer, or to reduce the size to send your photos/images over internet, Compress Photos is for you.

How to use:

1. Drag your images in: Select your images/photos on finder, and drag then in. You'll be able to see previews.
2. In a simple slider, choose between min (Minimum compression), max (Maximum compression) and anywhere between.
3. Choose the directory where your photos/images will be saved. We don't change the originals.

Almost all types of images allowed: PSD, PNG, JPEG, JPEG200, GIF...

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