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SnipNotes is a clever notebook on all your devices. Capture new ideas right from the menu bar and quickly add new content with Drag & Drop. Synchronize notes between your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. SnipNotes saves you time with its intelligent actions: Create new calendar events from within your notes, navigate to an address or call phone numbers. Stay organized with your own categories and flexible search functionality.

-- Create Notes Your Own Way --
• Create new notes right from the menu bar
• Save content from websites and other apps with the share sheet
• Insert images into your notes from Finder or with Drag & Drop
• Save the currently selected text at any time with a customizable keyboard shortcut
• Capture the contents of your clipboard

-- Quick Access From Anywhere --
• Use SnipNotes right from the notification center widget: Copy notes into your clipboard and quickly create new notes
• Use your notes even offline on all your devices

-- Intelligent Action Will Save You Time --
• SnipNotes will automatically recognize the contents of your notes and show e.g. addresses on a map
• Each recognized content is linked to an action. For example, you can create a calendar event from a date, navigate to an address with Apple Maps and open internet links in your web browser

-- Always Keep Track Of Your Notes --
• SnipNotes provides an inbox and an archive for your notes. In addition, you can create as many custom categories as you like
• The flexible search will highlight results. You can also search your notes right from the desktop with Spotlight search
• Select multiple notes and move them with Drag & Drop into another category or into the trash

-- SnipNotes Matches Your Taste --
• Notes can be customized with a variety of formatting options (lists, colors, headlines and much more)
• Design your notes with a big selection of glyphs for easy recognition
• SnipNotes offers ten different color schemes and a dark mode

SnipNotes is a note-taking app without subscriptions nor ads.

Notes are synchronized to your private iCloud account. SnipNotes protects your privacy and does not collect any analytics data.

You can find more information about SnipNotes on If you have any questions or issues, I would be happy to help you via email ( or on Twitter (@SnipNotesApp).

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