GPSModifier - Photo GPS Exif Editor

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Photo GPS Exif Editor lets you view, add, change or delete location/GPS information in your photos.

If your camera can't save location information in your photos, don't worry. You can use this app to add a location to your photos so you know in 10 years exactly where you took the photo.

Even if your camera has a GPS module, the location might not be accurate enough in some photos. Sometimes you know better where you took a picture. You can change it.

You might want to delete location information stored in your photos. That's also possible.

* Pick a photo via Drag & Drop (or using an "Open File" window)
* If it has already location information: it will be displayed on the map
* You can search for places (internet connection required)
* Choose a (new) location (Long-press on the map or click the "Drop Pin" button - or drag&dop the pin after adding it to the map)
* Click "Save"

That's everything you need to do to change location/GPS information of photos!

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