Hidden Fears

发行商: Oleg Brailean
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Having just married, a young couple decides to spend their unforgettable honeymoon at a charming mountain resort by the name of "Creek Falls".
After meeting two mysterious strangers there, the life of the newly weds turns sour. Can they survive this hellish ordeal and prove their undying love for each other?

- Explore more than 30 stunning, unique, and detailed environments
- Unravel all the secrets of the cursed mountain resort with your ghostly assistantís help
- Partake in live exorcisms of malevolent ghosts
- Be the hero of your own captivating love story
- Encounter incredible ghost sightings in the mountain resort
- Prepare yourself for multiple and complex QTE elements based on Dr. Le Parkís mental trainings
- Develop your memory, reaction, and thinking skills with 10 stimulating mini games
- Get the "Highest Domination" Award when you acquire 30 trophies and 10 hidden elements
- Get on board of the "Secret Fears" attraction impatiently waiting for your participation!

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