Chuckie Egg 2017

发行商: Downsideup Games
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Harry is here and it’s an all new adventure!

Join the intrepid explorer as he searches for and collects hundreds of golden eggs.

Guide Harry from platform to platform, level to level, grabbing every last egg you possibly can! There’s over 35 levels to complete, including new bonus stage levels that are exclusive to this edition of the game.

Each level is a tricky mix of platform action with ladders, elevators, enemies and more.

And watch out because just as you think you have everything mastered, Bertha, Harry's arch enemy will join in and she's not friendly to Harry's egg collecting antics! In fact, she's is not going to stop chasing him until she’s put an end to Harry once and for all!

Once you've got a few levels under your belt, try a Survivor Run and see how far you can get on just one life! It's trickier than it sounds. And if that's not enough, put on your best speed-run cap, and try Time Trial mode. See if you can beat our best times, and unlock some achievements if you can!

Chuckie Egg 2017 is a thoroughly modern take on retro-style platformer action with vibrant art, modern controls and movement, and music that will likely have you humming along while you play.

It’s going to be an egg-splosive adventure, so get your fast fingers at the ready, hatch a plan, and don’t be too hard boiled or you may end up scrambled!!!

Game Features:
- 30 main levels spread across three unique themes with bonus challenge stages.
- Mountain Madness add-on with 6 brand new levels, new art and music.
- Survivor Run Game Modes. How far can you take Harry on only one life?
- Time Trial Game Mode. Speed runs and eggs. It's eggs-hilarating!
- Normal and Hard difficulty modes to match your platforming skill.
- Colorful, vibrant cartoon style graphics.
- 12 Gamecenter achievements
- Full controller support including single key exit control option, and user-definable keyboard controls

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