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Factory Coin Mining

发行商: Thetis Consulting
价格: 10.99 USD


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This is the most advanced BASE BUILDING game there is! Strategy and logistics in the same game! We think that you will be amazed and challenged on your task to build the most efficient base to mine virtual coins.

Thinking is essential during the planning of your base. Each resource let you produce different items. Combine different resources to create advanced circuits and technology until you are able to mine lots and lots of money!

Collect raw resources from nature and transform then in more complex items. The rigid ones, like iron, copper, and gold you can melt in the ovens, to create plates. This allows you factories to create very advanced items.

There are 2 currencies in the game: Game Money and Factory Coins.

Some things you need to buy with game money, and there is a special factory to do it: The MONEY FACTORY. You can sell ANY item in this factory, from raw materials to satellites, circuits, and computers.

The online leaderboard counts only the Factory Coins mined. They are created in mining stations. This coin you get only by mining or buying with game money.

THERE IS NOT AND THERE WILL BE NO OTHER WAY to get Factory Coins. This is not a pay-to-win game. But a produce-a-lot-and-efficiently-to-win game!

We created an infinite 3D world, different every time you start a new game. A huge tree of upgrades. Each upgrade unlocks a set of items that can be produced in your factories. These products increase speed, complexity and allow a better performance of your base.

+ EXTRACT wood, coal, iron, stone, gold, copper, and oxygen from nature.
+ FORGE raw materials to more complex ones, as iron to steel, gold to gold bars, etc.
+ FUEL your forges with coal or wood.
+ TRANSPORT simple and complex items using many types of conveyor belts, splitters, underground belts.
+ LOGICALLY change items from one belt to another to increase efficiency depending on how you want to produce.
+ PRODUCE all items from the game in factories, sell them for factory money.
+ MINE Factory Coins using computer stations. Use advanced computers to mining faster.
+ UPGRADE unlocks everything.
+ LEADERBOARD showing the best coin miners.

It is all about tech and logistic. So, the better you are in planning your base, the best will be your final result.


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