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Video & Audio Tools Collection

发行商: Ruchira Ramesh
价格: 9.99 USD


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Below functionalities could be performed by using the applications in this bundle :
1) Audio Vocals Remover : Remove vocals from Song,Music or any other audio file. The application could suppress vocals by up-to 70% from a music file. For example : If you suppress vocal from an audio song, the resulting file will only have the music. The voice will be suppressed.
2) Batch Video Watermark : Batch Video Watermark can add watermark to multiple videos at a time. Not only this, it comes with various customizable options which include Transparency, image resizing, text font, text colour ,background colour and many more !
3) Video slow & fast speed Ramp : Speed up or Slow down multiple parts of the video in one go. Using the application, You can create Multiple Fast Motions, Slow Motions in the Same Video.You can mix the segments like first part as Slow motion, second part as Fast motion and third as Slow motion again.
4) Video Looper Pro : Loop selected part from a video and save it as a separate video file.The looped video also retains the audio in it. It also retains the video format of the original video. For example : If the source video is of MOV format, the looped video will also be saved in MOV format.If required, the entire video could be looped as well.
5) Reverse Video : Reverse video and audio both in 4 easy steps.For example : If a person is walking and you reverse the video, the person will walk backwards in the reversed video. Also, the audio of the video is reversed making it amusing.
6) Video Stabilizer : Reduce shaking in the video and stabilize it. The videos taken from phone or camera shake many times because either the hands shake during the recording or we take the video while walking, or travelling in a vehicle.
7) Video to Audio Extractor : Export the Audio from single or Multiple videos at once.It supports batch processing as well.The audio is extracted in the highest quality.The extracted Audio is saved as a separate file on the computer.
8) Video Sound Amplifier : This application increases the volume of Video so that its sound becomes audible.The video having enhanced sound level are saved as a separate video.
9) Video Pixel Resizer : Video Pixel Resizer is an application that could Resize the Videos by changing their pixel size.Using this application, the size of videos could either be decreased or it could be increased.The application could Batch process even hundreds of videos at the same time.
10) Video To Mov Converter : This application converts all unsupported video formats to MOV format that is suitable for playing on your computer and all other devices like iPhone and iPad.


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