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Song Creator Pro & Backing Track Stylecreator

发行商: Ingo Wandschneider
价格: 29.99 USD


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Backing Tracks Apps are easy to use, sounds excellent and make lots of fun. Create tracks and song with our Backing Tracks Apps. Download and use any of our stylefiles of our free music library or from any other library that had a valid "Backing Tracks Pro"- format. This apps already contains hundreds of music styles and instruments for free (to download from our database). Download stylefiles from anywhere and anyone, who creates them with "Backing Track Stylecreator". Go, create, Styles with this Bundle and make professional music.

Write down your chords easily or paste a lead sheet into the textfield, get your style from the style table and play your song by the recording of professionell musicians.

Your got no idea for a song or chords to play? Just tap a button and Backing Tracks Pro creates a new track for you from the scratch. Download and choose your style. You can edit an unlimited number of tracks and chords in detail.

We kept the interface "Backing Tracks Pro" easy to keep the focus on creating music. There is another App, if you like to create and sell your own styles. If you want to make money with your music, please go with "Backing Track Stylecreator"!

Save your projects and export your song as *.m4a. Change the style of any track and any song every time, or transpose it without loosing its professional sound quality! Create a song with a finger tip.

Unbelievable? We developed an expert system, that is based on proven information of artists. This expert- system generates popular chord progressions on your touch. We even developed a new sound engine, to let Backing Tracks Pro sound like real musicians. Every style and every instrument from the standard library is free for your download. That are already a few hundred instruments and styles. But this is not the limit. Everyone can create music- styles with "Backing Track Stylecreator", that is also available on the App Store.

If you (would) love to play in a band or other musicians, "Backing Tracks Pro" is the most -must have app- for you. If you want to make own music- styles please go with "Backing Track Stylecreator"

Backing Tracks Pro sounds fantastic und makes lot of fun, even if you just want to hear to music. Make a song with a tap, download a band from the database, extract and you are good to go. The "Song!"- function creates a whole song, based on popular song structures and popular chord progressions.

Backing Tracks Pro is perfect for:

- making of playalongs for musicians
- making soundtracks for blogger or developers with exact time in m4a- format.
- playing chords of songbooks by a whole band (just paste them into the textfield)
- playing ambient music, ´cause we got lots of Jazz- styles
- improving you improvising skills
- making music with other musicians or a whole band

There are already hundreds of styles and instruments in our sound bank, free for your download:

- Boogie, Texas Boogie, Country Boogie, etc.
- Country, Country Train, Country Swing, etc.
- Blues, Blues Rock, Elektro Blues, Roadhouse Blues
- Jazz, Club Jazz, Vintage, Cozy, Dreamy, Cool
- (Hard-) Rock, Classic Country, Rock Ballad, Classic Rock, Roots Rock, Brit Rock, RnB, etc.
- Metal
- Pop, Country Pop, Brit Pop, etc.
- Techno
- Crossover
- Bossa
- Latin
- Folk
- Swing
- Bluegrass
- Shuffles
- Samba
- Rumba
- Funk
- Honky Tonk
- Bebop

and Band Styles like Eagle-, Guns-, Stones- and Dire- Style

and hundreds of different instruments in this styles

- Mandoline
- Harmonicas
- Organs
- Fiddles
- Acoustic guitars, Western and Nylon, Resonator, Strumming, Picking, Sliding
- eGuitars, Fuzzy, Clean, etc.
- Pedalsteel
- Drums and Beats
- Basses
- Pianos
- Trumpets
- Banjos
- Ukulele
- Fluets
- Saxophon

... more to come from other providers.

If you love to create Styles on your own and may be, you want to sell them or you just want to distribute them, please go with our App "Backing Track Stylecreator".

Please contact us, if you got any problems. We want you satisfied!


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