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Floating: Picture in Picture

发行商: Pranoy Chowdhury
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Floating is a very simple yet powerful app which lets you picture in picture (pin/stick/float) as many videos or photos on top of all windows. 

YouTube, YouTube playlists, Netflix, Vimeo, Twitch.TV*, Bitchute links, Video files and photos are supported.

The idea for this app was heavily inspired by this Reddit post:

Simple steps:

- To float the link from the front most browser's tab, use shortcut: Control + Shift + Command + 9

This method relies on AppleScript to work and only supports Safari, Chrome, Brave and Opera. Firefox doesn't have proper AppleScript support. First time using this shortcut, MacOS will ask for permission to read browser's URL for privacy and security reasons. All this happens locally and is not logged anywhere from the app

OR drag video links or images into the menu bar icon or use the shortcut method:

- Copy as many video links or images or online image links to your clipboard. Alternatively you can take a screenshot or portion screenshot and put it in your clipboard using Control + Shift + Command + 4.

- Use the shortcut: Control + Shift + Command + 0
to float the items from clipboard always on top of all windows.

- You can scroll up or down on the floating windows to change transparency. Windows can be resized too and they maintain the image's aspect ratio.

- Use pinch to zoom (resize the window)

- Double tap the photo or top of a video window to zoom


Btw, if you aren't aware of MacOS shortcuts for screenshots, there are multiple ways to take them depending upon your workflow:

1. To take a screenshot of the full screen, press and hold these three keys together: Shift, Command and 3

2. To take a screenshot of a portion of the screen by selecting the area, press and hold these three keys together: Shift, Command and 4

3. To capture a window or menu, open the window or menu that you want to capture. Press and hold these keys together: Shift, Command, 4 and Space bar. The pointer changes to a camera icon

4. In any of the above methods, instead of saving the screenshot, if you want to copy the screenshot directly to the Clipboard, press and hold the Control key while you take the screenshot with the above steps.

I use Control + Shift + Command + 4 often in my workflow.


I offer an ad and analytics free and simple app for the absolute best experience for my users. If you are finding my app useful, please leave me a positive rating on the app store as that helps get the word out to others!

I improve my apps based on user feedback. If you have any feedback or feature requests or any other video platform which you would like to be added, please email Pran at:


Twitch.TV For privacy disclosure:

The twitch devs finally updated us today:

As you might notice, they say

"Since we currently do not have a native solution (e.g. embed SDK), we suggest the following means to embed Twitch into your mobile applications. Create a static or dynamic webpage that embeds the Twitch content you would like to include on mobile and add the parent parameter with that domain. Then use the URL of that webpage with any relevant query parameters if dynamically generated for your WebView (e.g. video ID)."

So using this workaround, I have gotten it to work. Notice that due to this workaround, Twitch requests from my app now get routed to my CloudFlare worker which embeds the Twitch inside a container site with the domain "" and therefore, you will see the app make a request to that URL when using Twitch.

Your requests don't get logged on my end. The CloudFlare simply provides a container site which allows Twitch embedding. Just wanted to make this clear for privacy reasons.


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