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Zoho Vault for Safari

发行商: Zoho Corporation
价格: 免费


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Zoho Vault for Safari is a password manager extension that generates strong passwords for your accounts and safely remembers them for you. Vault keeps your passwords safe and autofills them across all your favorite websites from your browser.

Secure access for all your passwords

- Store unlimited passwords, notes, bank details, and any type of sensitive information
- Use the in-built password generator to generate unique, strong passwords for every account
- Safely share passwords with multiple users and teams across your organization
- Sync your passwords across all devices for free
- View and access your passwords offline when you don't have a stable internet connection

Simplifying password management

- Organize your passwords into folders for easy access
- Autofill your login details while accessing your favorite websites
- Access important passwords instantly by adding relevant tags.

Complete security for your passwords

- Secure your passwords and other sensitive data with AES 256 encryption
- Add multi-factor authentication for your password vault
- Securely log in to your online accounts from the Safari browser and safely access your sensitive information
- Customize your account by setting inactivity timeout and session validity
- Receive alerts when passwords are autofilled on unsecure websites

Your data remains safe with you

Every Zoho Vault user creates a strong master password to access their password vault. We never store your master password in our servers. This password remains just with you, meaning no one else has access to your account, not even Zoho.

Learn more about our security policy -

Get started in minutes

Create a free Zoho Vault account with your email address or authenticate with one of your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter profiles.
Alternatively, enterprises can log in to Zoho Vault using Active Directory credentials as well.
Sync your Zoho Vault account across different devices and access your password safe from anywhere in the world

Featured on popular magazines

- PC Magazine
- Tech Republic
- The Hacker News
- Lifehacker
- Dark Reading
- Mashable

Zoho Vault is a completely free password manager app for personal use and is extremely affordable for businesses. You can upgrade to any paid edition of Zoho Vault and access all features ready-made for business password management.

With a strong password generator and seamless autofill experience in place, Zoho Vault will be the best password manager for you and your team on Safari. We would love to hear what you think about Zoho Vault and how we can simplify password management for you. Connect with us at or start a discussion in our community:

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions:



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