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3D Organon Anatomy

发行商: Medis Media Pty Ltd
价格: 28.99 USD


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3D Organon Anatomy is an interactive anatomical atlas featuring all 15 human body systems. The new updated version of the app includes the human motion module, with animations of joints and bones.

3D Organon unfolds life-like high resolution 3D models covering every aspect of the human body. The extensive knowledge-base of anatomical definitions and terminology is based on the official Terminologia Anatomica.

The latest update also brings you more stunning features, such as multiple workspaces, live anatomy annotation tool during navigation, unique topographic anatomy layout, help tutorials, and visualization of anatomy with incredible detail.

Who is 3D Organon Anatomy for?
The app is designed to suit a range of users, from medical and allied-health students to educators, healthcare professionals, patients, artists, and curious minds. It is helping students grasp the challenging subject of anatomy, but also is easily understood by individuals without a medical background. It is an advanced learning tool that could complement any anatomy curriculum and help everyone visualize and explore anatomy.

The application delivers accurate visual and textual information, immediate response time and intuitive navigation. All anatomical definitions and clinical correlations are written by professors of anatomy and medical professionals.

Why 3D Organon Anatomy is the hottest anatomy app?
*Skeletal system and joints motion animations without an additional cost!
*Start understanding anatomy within minutes
*You can add and subtract whole body systems in your scene view at once
*Unique topographic anatomy layout: you can select from regional body systems and show up the systems of interest excluding others
*Jump between workspaces for quicker anatomy model access
*Real-time identification of anatomy — hover the mouse pointer on the structure during navigation and an annotation will show up (without clicking)
*Includes hundreds of pages of anatomical definitions and medical texts
*Brand new help menu with video tutorials
*Take notes to a selected structure and make drawings layered on top of the present view
*Save your models in Favorites for later use
*Discover Lock mode — a powerful tool enabling you operate on user-defined structures and body systems
*Listen to anatomical terminology pronounced in English
*Study from hundreds of preconfigured scenes based on popular anatomical views found in anatomy atlases and textbooks
*Isolate view of any selected structure(s)

Can I teach using 3D Organon Anatomy?
The educational potential of the application expands from helping educators in teaching students, to enabling medical doctors and healthcare practitioners explain health matters visually to patients. It can increase student engagement in the classroom, and it can be used by everyone who wants to learn more about the inner structure and function of the human body.

The 3D Organon Anatomy app includes detailed male and female models. It features all body systems: Skeletal, Connective, Muscular, Arterial, Venous, Nervous, Lymphatic, Heart, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Urinary, Reproductive, Sensory organs, and Integumentary (skin).

Main features:
*Visualize anatomy using the latest 3D technologies
*Unique topographic and systems-based anatomy layouts. Easily add and subtract body systems
*Agile Rotate, Pan, and Zoom in/out functions
*Double tap to select and focus on a structure
*Hide or Fade selected structures
*Single- and Multi-select modes
*Realistic X-ray mode (Fade others button)
*Live search tool
*Amazing life-like high detail graphics for better user experience
*Action buttons for displaying muscles into layers, from deep to superficial
*Beautiful symmetry of designed organs and structures makes learning easy and pleasant
*Draw tool
*Keep personalized notes per anatomical structure


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