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Image Organizer is an intuitive and simple application to organize a large number of image files on disk.

Strictly a way to organize file images scattered through out folders and disks.

Copy/Move to organize physical image files into user-specified folders rather then group under virtual albums like all other photo album software.

Import similar sets of images into the application and output using a prefix name to describe the set of images. On export the images are copied/moved using an indexed number system, starting from 1 and ending in the number of images imported into the application.

i.e. Import a set of monster images into the application. Order and organize according to perceived priority. Select copy or move to output the set into a designated folder with a "Monster" prefix and if there are 5 images in the set, you would have: Monster1.jpg, Monster2.jpg, Monster3.jpg, Monster4.jpg, Monster5.jpg.

Will work with up to 10,000 images.
Will find all images inside of a folder and all child folders.

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