432 Hertz Music

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The 432 Hertz Music converter app converts music from standard tuning to 432Hz, 528Hz, and other frequencies.

## Features:
- Convert songs from standard tuning (440 Hz and other tunings) to 432 Hertz, 174 Hertz, 285 Hertz, 396 Hertz, 417 Hertz, 440 Hertz, 528 Hertz, 639 Hertz, 741 Hertz, 852 Hertz, 963 Hertz.
- Support for many audio input formats (including the audio stream of videos).
- Support for multiple audio output formats such as mp3, m4a (aac), flac, and wav with up to 512 kBit/s.
- Convert multiple files or your whole music collection with the built-in batch conversion capability.
- Easy to use interface: drag file(s) into app and click "Convert" or select a folder and convert all files in it.
- Multi-threading: multiple files are converted in parallel.

More information: http://www.432hzconverter.com/app

## Notes
- The app can only convert non-copyright protected audio files. Files with DRM or other protections cannot be converted.
- The app offers an one time in-app-purchase which enables the full version. The demo version is limited to 30 seconds and one file at a time.

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