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Chess Deluxe

发行商: Nicholas Cooke
价格: 2.99 USD


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Play chess against your friends in a two player game on the same device or online using Game Center. Test out your chess skills against the computer with configurable difficulty and quick response times.

Chess Deluxe features:
- A simple, easy to use interface
- Play as either white or black
- Play against the computer with configurable Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties for amateur players
- Play online with your friends using Game Center
- Unlimited ability to undo moves
- Redo previously undone moves
- Move highlighting to suggest possible moves
- Game timer with several timing options
- Animated moves
- Board rotation to allow each player to view the board from their point of view
- See pieces that have been captured
- See the list of completed moves in Standard Algebraic Notation
- Select a completed move from the move list to go back to that move
- Dark mode support on iOS 13 or later
- No ads

Chess Deluxe is a universal purchase and includes a macOS version of the app. Buying this app allows you to download the macOS version using the same Apple ID.


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52 条评价

The Best!

Great for online play.



Muy Bueno, deberina de poner sonido, gracias!


Am I doing something wrong or what?

I just played my first game of chess on this app and played against a computer just to try it out. I tried to castle my king and rook and it would not let me. If there is no fix for this than this is a terrible app and should be fixed immediately.


This is to correct for earlier reveiw

I was frustrated by how 'easy' wasn't easy for me . . . though apparently too easy for other users. Ah, well . . . anyway, I also felt that the hints weren't helping much . . . so I vowed to give it one more try. You must have been reading my mail, as they used to say. I asked for a hint at just the right time, got mate, and was able to see how it was done . . . what I'd have missed, probably, on my own. So, okay . . . on we go.


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