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Info is an application for recording, managing and accessing all your useful information in a set of hierarchical folders and documents and, if you are using Apple's iCloud, having access to this information on any Apple device that you have.
You can record this information on your Apple laptop or desktop or from your iPad. If you choose to store the Info files in iCloud then they will be automatically replicated to all your devices once you install the Info application on that device and if you are logged in to iCloud on the device.

You can record virtually any information in the Rich Text details field. Type in formatted text, copy and past from MS Word, Pages or your Browser, create simple forms using tables, insert images and scanned documents such as passports, drivers licences, lens prescriptions, invoices and so on.

Some examples of types of information you could store in this structure include:

- Online account details
- Club membership details
- Record of online purchases
- Copies of travel documents such as air tickets, accommodation bookings, maps, places of interest, contact names and addresses
- Insurance details
- Favourite recipes
- Software license details
- Email account details
- Internet service provider details
- Medical records such as scanned copies of lens prescriptions
- Personal lists such as hiking checklists, camping checklists, holiday checklists, shopping checklists
- Study revision notes
- Lists of favourite books
- Book Club book reviews
- If you are a writer then use the folder structure to develop a draft of your book using folders for sections and chapters.

Key features include:
- Unlimited hierarchy of folders and documents
- Visually track status
- Search the hierarchy
- Supports the use of formatted text, tables and images
- Drag and Drop folders and documents to move them around
- Keyboard shortcuts to support rapid data entry
- Duplicate individual document and/or entire folder structures
- Export in different formats, including DOC, HTML, RTFD
- Create and edit documents on the Mac or iPad
- Store documents locally or in iCloud
- Sharing and Text-to-Speech support

This app is compatible with iWallet for the Mac and iOS


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