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ADS-B Radar

发行商: Jan Nutbroek
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◆◆◆ Requires an ADS-B Receiver - see info below ◆◆◆

ADS-B Radar lives on your menu bar, at a glance you know how many aircraft are currently within reception range of your ADS-B receiver.

Open the map to view all aircraft and ADS-B flight statistics such as callsign, speed, squawk, vertical speed, category, track, distance, country of registration, etc.

The route is visible on the map, blue represents level flight, while green, orange and red represent an increasing/decreasing vertical rate of speed.

Configure local notifications based on callsigns, icao codes, countries, aircraft category, squawks, altitude, vertical rate, speed, distance and number of aircraft within reception range.

Re-post each notification with aircraft flight data in JSON to a web server for further processing. This will allow you to convert it to an email, tweet, log to a database, etc.

A search bar will quickly identify the aircraft on the map based on a search for callsign, icao code, country or category.

Switch to fullscreen for a better view and uninterrupted radar mode.

Should the ADS-B signal contain the aircraft category, 14 different aircraft icons are available ranging from light to heavy, a glider, a helicopter, a drone or an airport vehicle.

Determines the exact reception range of your receiver in all directions, and draws a polar plot on the map.

The altitude filter will reduce the amount of aircraft on the map to show only the aircraft between two altitudes.

The app keeps track of how many aircraft it spots during the day and plots the statistics in a "last 7 days" graph.

With the share button you can easily share a snapshot of the map with aircraft and flight data.

Log all aircraft to a local SQLite database to provide your own historic flight information and plot old flight paths on the map.

Launch an image search for the aircraft with a built-in mini browser, with fully configurable search URL to point to your favorite source.

◆◆◆ What makes this App stand out ◆◆◆

- Simple to set-up
- Very low CPU and energy usage
- Beautiful crisp graphics and text
- Local notifications with re-post possibility
- Quick access via menu bar + fullscreen option
- Independent from online databases and API's, completely private
- Log all aircraft to a local SQLite database for more statistics
- Web search for the aircraft image with built-in mini browser

◆◆◆ Requirements ◆◆◆

Your own ADS-B hardware radio receiver with dump1090. This makes a great little hobby project if you don't have one yet. A Raspberry Pi with a RTL-SDR USB dongle running dump1090 is one of the most popular solutions. Search the internet for ready to buy or DIY ADS-B hardware solutions.

This app uses the information received over ADS-B radio and presented by dump1090 in the aircraft.json file. 

This app does not rely on a built-in or online database with aircraft information, it is always current and works completely autonomous and private.

It will not display information such as airport of departure, owner, destination, aircraft type, etc. Click the copy button next to the aircraft on the map, and search the internet by callsign and/or ICAO code. Alternatively, enable the App's built-in mini browser to launch a web search for the aircraft.

This app is free from ads, requires no subscriptions, no sign-up, no API registration, no in-app purchases and respects your privacy.


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