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Adventure Land is an Experimental Indie MMORPG. ANYONE can Code not just one, but up to 4 characters! You can play manually, use the given default Code, or learn programming to do more!

Simple Gameplay
There are no quests, no guides you have to strictly follow to the letter. No objectives either. You can do anything you want. Even farming the lowest monster will yield satisfactory results! You can trade, upgrade, combine, craft, gamble in tavern, party with friends, pvp solo with your rouge or go after rare loots!

Origins of Code
Adventure Land wasn't originally a Code based game, during early development, it ended up a bit like a Clicker MMORPG, simple but fun. Then came Code, to let machines do the clicking! So it's not something extremely complex no one can understand, it's just basic automation with Javascript!

6 Classes
Mage, Warrior, Rogue, Ranger, Priest and Merchant. All with different, easy to understand, but unique skills. There are no skill trees or the need to pick attributes, it's all automatic to keep things simple. Items provide some depth, and Code adds some variation to the mix.

There's a lot to work on. Daily Events, Paladin Class, Pets, Guilds (or Familias, as they will be small), New Zones, New Items, New Skills. All features are shaped and vetted by the playerbase. Going open-source at 50,000 installs!

Disclaimer: Adventure Land is an indie game, I've been developing the game for more than 2 years and I improve the game every single day, Mac App Store version of the game includes new features and capabilities, it's a new horizon, there might be minor hick-ups along the way, I'll address these issues as soon as possible and keep pushing new versions - As a prospective player, you can always reach me through the contact details if you come up with issues

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