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Experience a beautiful aerial video every time you open a new tab. It's easy to install and FREE to use. Try it now!

Replace your new tab with a beautiful aerial video tab. And enjoy your day with your personal dashboard and optional weather information. Also, this Safari extension extends the playing aerial video within the Safari navigation bar, so the navigation bar change together with the color that matched with the current playing video in your new tab. That makes this unique and colorful whenever you open each time the Safari web browser.
This is built by the same developer as the Turn Off the Lights™ Browser extension. That created this new beautiful, simplistic and useful new tab page.

This Safari extension replaces default the empty tab "about:blank" in the Safari web browser.
It's easy to install and FREE to use. Give this remarkable Safari extension a try!

+ Feel enjoyable and relax
+ Support more than 60 Aerial Views in HD and 4K
+ Show the current day, month and day of the week
+ Show the current local time
+ Option to change the clock to 12-hour or 24-hour format
+ Option to change the search engine to Google, Bing, DuckDuck Go, and Baidu
+ Option to choose for a random or custom Aerial view video (Pro version)
+ Option to show/hide the Date Today (Pro version)
+ Option to customize the font & color of the Date Today (Pro version)
+ Option to show/hide destination name at the bottom left of the screen (Pro version)
+ Option to show/hide the current weather with his temperature, humidity, current condition (Pro version)

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