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Pop Pop Pop!

Strange Flavour’s classic Mac hit AirBurst is back!

Guide your bat to deflect the deadly bursters and avoid getting popped out of the sky.
Grab the powerups to change the game and boost your chances.
Charge up your unique Extreme power and use it to tip the balance and pop your opponents!

Play against your friends on your Mac (‘accidentally’ bumping them so they miss a hit can be a handy tactic if you don’t do it too much ;) ) or play as any of the eight characters in single player mode.

Single player game with 8 different characters, each with their own unique Extreme power.
1-4 Players local play with mouse, keyboard or MFi controllers.
Literally millions of levels, generated by the game’s combination of powerups. Every level plays differently.
Unlock levels as you progress and start at any level you’ve previously won.
Start with 4 characters and a single game mode and unlock more as you play.
Includes the Punk Pop Classic “Pop Pop Pop” by Abdoujaparov!

We’ve started with 5 unlockable classic AirBurst game modes in the initial version and the first eight characters. As we update the game, we’ll be adding all the characters from AirBurst Extreme, along with your favourite game modes.

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