Airport Simulator 2013 (English Version)

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Step into the shoes of an airport employee and experience the exciting and challenging daily routine of aircraft ground handling.

Your tasks will include numerous jobs right at the apron and taxiway of a modern, major airport.

Handle catering, transport luggage and cargo, and make sure that the jet bridges are brought into position and the machines are refueled.

Are the aircraft’s wings icy? This will test your skills with de-icing vehicles. Once you have finished these jobs in the apron, use a pushback tractor to push the aircraft to the taxiway.


•An exciting profession and technology simulation

•Three different types of aircraft and a total of seven control-lable vehicles and machines: jet bridge, pushback tractor, ca-tering truck, cargo loader, pallet truck, refueler and de-icer

•Detailed and freely accessible airport grounds as well as dy-namic aircraft and aircraft traffic (including takeoffs and landings)

•A total of 26 missions including tutorials as well as free play

•Various awards, a point system and the possibility to upgrade vehicles and machines

•Different weather conditions such as snow, rain, hail and sun-shine

•Realistic background noise as well as radio communications and a free moving camera with smooth zoom

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