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Alien Hordes

发行商: Erik Haugen Media
价格: 免费


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Have you ever killed an alien, a strange creature, a product of thousands of years of alien evolution?

Peace would be the better option.

But sometimes you don't have a choice. It might want to eat you for supper. Or it might think you want to eat it for supper.

In that case, you have no choice but to fight and fight you better, because these aliens are fast and destructive.

They hide in the darkness of space. A life form unlike our own, hungering for what we don't know, destroying all in it's path. No one has yet to capture an alien and live to tell about it. Born thousands of years ago at the edge of the universe, they are a mystery unsolved, an unexplained riddle.


Alien Hordes


But you find yourself alone in their path and to survive you must destroy them!

Destroy the Alien Hordes in this awesome alien shoot em up with your Hunter-Dragon starship. Destroy them all!

If you like to shoot and blow things up, this is the game for you!

A classic side-scrolling alien shoot em up for the iPad.

- Awesome game play!
- Fast paced action!
- Excellent graphics!
- Incredible audio!

And don't forget to bring the ketchup because these aliens are delicious, tasty cooked and grilled. Sauteed with a bit of lemon, they make a wonderful main course. They can also be roasted with almonds to make a delicious appetizer.

Bon Appetit!


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