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Antique Shop - Book of Souls - Lite Edition

发行商: Koolhaus Games Inc.
价格: 免费


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Mystery, Suspense, adventure, and intrigue unfold in the first chapter of this exciting hidden object trilogy. Uncover the mystery before the next two chapters are released!

Play the game and read excerpts of the accompanying E-book (full E-book available only in the Diamond Edition), based on the game to uncover the secrets of the mysterious book. Learn how Emily, under tragic circumstances becomes a first time shop owner who must also deal with conflicting love interests. Discover the amazing part Emily’s pet terrier Timothy plays in her ongoing adventures.

Travel to exotic European destinations to find artifacts and unlock the secrets of the mysterious book Emily finds in her newly inherited store in Antique Shop - Book of Souls Lite Edition.

The Lite Edition contains excerpts of the full 30,000 word Romance Novel that is found in the Diamond Edition. The E-book is based on the game and is written by a published author.

Lite Edition Features (Game and novel excerpt):
- Enjoy beautiful graphics in a hand painted style featuring European elegance and objects incorporated directly into the scenes.
- Be introduced to Emily, her pet terrier Timothy, companions and love interests.
- Play through the exciting twists and turns of Part I of the Antique Shop trilogy.
- Explore a time limited edition of some of the over 60 levels of hidden object discovery in 16 different locations spread across five exotic European cities found in the Diamond Edition.
- Pace yourself for speed and go for quickest time and most points, or take a more leisurely approach and really soak in the beauty and detail of each scene.
- Read excerpts of the 30,000 word E-book included in the Diamond Edition.

Full 30,000 word E-book by the same name is available separately for purchase on iBooks or included with the purchase of the OSX Diamond Edition.

The iOS version of Antique Shop: Book of Souls is also available on the iTunes Store in both Lite and Diamond Editions.

Game Description

Upon first entering her deceased uncle's antique shop, Emily encounters many familiar items from her visits there as a girl. Among them is a strange new object, an extensively annotated diary. Emily recognizes her uncle's handwriting and wonders why he would mark up such an attractive antique making it unsellable. As she interacts with the book, she realizes that it has an odd effect on her. The diary's power over her seems to be increasing and she must solve the puzzle of the mysterious book or be forever trapped under its spell.

(c) 2014 by Koolhaus Games. All Rights Reserved


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