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App iSketchPhoto Pro

发行商: HumanSoftware
价格: 9.99 USD


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A Sketching PowerHouse... Convert your Photos to Sketches with Hundreds of Controls and Options.

For an Easy Start iSketchPhoto Pro comes with more than 50 presets. But it is very easy to add your very own.

Easy :
• Drag and Drop your photos and iSketchPhoto Pro will turn them into an artistic pencil sketch in one click, gorgeous effects guaranteed!

Many Options :
• Use a sketching style like lines, dots, brushed...
• Set background color or texturize with 120 different papers and backgrounds provided.
• a powerful colorizer with 20 interactive blending modes with adjustable opacity.
• You can easily use your own background with step and repeat (seamless tile or else). You can colorize your sketch and combine interactively to any background.
• Adjust brightness contrast, radius, details.
• Use an interactive vignette to blend from Photos to Sketch... An absolutely unique feature and a real must have.
• Quickly add a border for a nice final touch.
• Ability to Save/Recall different settings across multiple images
• Compare instantly the Before/After or do a side by side effect.

Quality :
• It works with photos of any size and provides you print quality.

iSketchPhoto Pro reads and writes JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PICT, Photoshop format, it works also in 16bit

We stand behind our software... any question or a concern, drop us an e mail, we DO answer!

iSketchPhoto and iSketchPhoto Pro main differences:
• iSketchPhoto Pro features a pencil sketcher that lets you convert your shades into a rich texturized region
• iSketchPhoto Pro comes with 50 ready made presets, with the ability to save your own and instantly check a preset on your photo.


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