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So you want to learn ARABIC? Good choice.
All our ARABIC courses focus on video lessons - it's intuitive, it's easy on-the-go because everything is on-screen, no books needed (although PDF files are included if you insist...), and mainly, it's fun and easy, not less important! Need more than that?

Easily switch between the included courses, and investigate each with plenty of free given items.

Each course can be ordered and upgraded independently.
The course is designed for both beginners and for those interested in improving their basic knowledge of the language.

Enjoy professional learning experience with dynamic and interchangeable screens and displays.
The app will allow you to...
- accompany the learning process with quality videos
- watch or listen to videos simultaneously with the written texts (where enabled)
- instantly upgrade, and within minutes the full version is installed on your device for further study.

Note that a stable internet connection is required.

Screenshots may are only sampling the layout structure and functions of the app.

Enjoy learning.

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