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Take on the role of a key member of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company that fights both a deadly infection and the unrest it leaves in its wake. Together with your leader Amiya, you’ll recruit Operators, train them, then assign them to various operations to protect the innocent and resist those who would thrust the world into turmoil.

・Gorgeous anime-style game with a perfect combination of RPG and strategy elements
・Hundreds of unique Operators across a variety of classes open up countless gameplay options
・Auto Deploy system conveniently allows you to free up your hands
・Carve out a home, just the way you want it, with the Base construction system
・A robust soundtrack and some of the most famous Japanese voice actors and actresses will give you a sublime auditory experience.

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Beautiful Operators, Gritty and Alluring Story

I love this game, point and case. Great story, you can farm the materials to 10x summon, the characters are beautiful, and the game play is very reminiscent to BTD which I love.


Can’t recommend more: the most reasonable and fun gacha game I ever played

I’ve played quite a few gacha games (FGO, EPIC Seven, Genshin, etc.) in the past, and Arknights honestly is the best I’ve ever played. I play it with my gf with separate accounts, me being on global and her on the more ahead Chinese server. It’s the most consumer friendly game I’ve encountered in that currency for pulling the gacha can be acquired at a set pace every week for a reasonable amount, making it balanced and fun even for F2P players. Combined with the 5 dollar a month monthly card, you can save a lot of currency over time even as a F2P, or close to that player. The 6-star rates are also one of the best at 2%, with pity kicking in at 50 pulls which is rather nice (looking at you Genshin with your terrible rates and high pity count). Also, unlike FGO and Genshin, there are no weapons/ accessories/ spell cards with their own rarities. Gacha are only for characters, and there is nothing else you need to use gacha for. You can buy materials if you truly want to to level up to ur characters, but a big part of fun in the game is to grind stages for materials and raise your characters. The material grind in this game is also very reasonable and fast from regular stages (never had to grind more than one week for any particular level up/ skill level up), while also having frequent events that are really generous in giving out materials/ having stages that are awesome for farming specific materials.Next, gameplay. This game is really fun, relaxing yet can be intense and very strategy necessary in harder stages. Very well done tower defense strategy game with characters split into 8 classes in RPG-esqe fashion. Lots of big brain (or small brain, no judgement) moments to be had. If you loved original plants vs zombies, this game is like that except more complicated and on steroids. Also, you really don’t need a lot of 6-stars for this game. Most 5 and 4 stars are completely usable to clear all available content. A pretty well-known Arknights YouTuber, KyostinV, have guides that even for the most difficult content requires only 1-2 six-star characters. One of which can be borrowed from your friends as a support unit. Also, the game guarantees you a six star from the get go, one of them being Silverash who is still one of the few “legendary god” or “幻神” tier per the Chinese character in the game. Re-rolling in the beginning is also pretty easy to do if you want him, would def recommend! Also in terms of power creep, the game has been very good at managing that and keeping characters well balanced. Honestly, 3 of the 4 universally recognized best characters are initial characters so take that as you will.I’ve played this game for almost a year now, and I’m still playing it and looking forward to new characters and events. You can play a lot when events come out and the game is pretty generous with refills for the time limiting rechargeable element all gacha games have (called Sanity in this game). TLDR: Great, fun game with good strategy elements. Most consumer friendly gacha ever played with good character balancing/ power creep management. Sleek and fashionable characters. Try it for yourself!


Good game!

Add me Elnopalblanco


Great game but.....

The gameplay is fantastic, I've always been a fan of td games and the anime characters make it even better, however, the game does not have a pity system when summoning. While the game itself is really good, not having a pity system is very scummy.





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