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Article Spinner 2

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With Article Spinner 2 you create a article template and then generate hundreds of unique articles from it.

Top Features:
-Thesaurus (database with synonyms)
-Automatic publishing to Wordpress blogs
-Spintax syntax highlighting
-Unlimited nested spinning
-Lightweight, easy-to-use interface

To write a article template Article Spinner 2 uses spintax. Spintax is a common standard for article spinning.

Here is a simple example.

My {car|house|wall} is {blue|yellow|green}.

If you spin this text with Article Spinner 2 it will randomly chose one of the words between the brackets.
So the first output could be: My house is green.
The second output could be: My car is yellow.

If you use enough synonyms your generated texts will be unique. To make it easier for you Article Spinner 2 has a Thesaurus integrated, which is a database with more than 200.000 synonyms. With this synonyms you can easily rewrite your articles to generate hundreds of unique articles.

You can use your generated unique articles on your sites or in article directories to promote your website. Of course there are a lot of more ways to use the Article Spinner 2 for example to create some posts in forums and get so some new visitors to your site.

In the Screenshots you can see an example text with some Text Spinning. The results are unique articles which were used on websites and forums to promote a website.

To publish your posts you can use the integrated Wordpress Publish Feature. With one simple click you can publish your articles on your Wordpress blog. No more Copy and Paste just enter your Wordpress URL and credentials. Article Spinner 2 does the rest for you.


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