Audio Vocal Remover

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Remove vocals from Song,Music or any other audio file. The application could suppress vocals by up-to 70% from a music file. For example : If you suppress vocal from an audio song, the resulting file will only have the music. The voice will be suppressed.
The application supports various file formats like MP3,M4a and etc. with stereo channel. The application is very easy to use. Just add the audio files to the application, select them and click on "Suppress Vocal" button. The application will take care of the rest of the complexities and generate a new file with suppressed vocals.
The application also supports the preview functionality. Using this feature, you could check how an audio will actually sound after removing vocals before saving the file.

Note : It is nearly impossible to remove 100% vocals from the audio. The application could suppress the vocals by up to 70%. You might still hear the vocals a little bit.

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