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Audio Voice Changer

发行商: Nikhil Anshuman
价格: 4.99 USD


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Protect privacy or make voice funnier by changing your Voice. Using the application, your voice could be changed to various forms. For example, you could change your voice to Male, Female, Kid, Robot, Frankenstein, Mouse, Lazy or Speedy. You could also change the Pitch, Tempo and Frequency of the voice and customise it as per your choice. This will also make your or your friend's voice sound funny. If you are posting message on social media, you could protect your privacy as well by changing your voice.
The application comes with inbuilt voice recorder. You could record your voice in the application and after this change it using the application. External voice files could be added as well from the computer.

Below sound types are available :

** Male : Change a Female's voice to heavy like a Male's voice. It will sound like a man is speaking.
** Female : Change a Male's voice to Female's voice. This will change the sound to that of a woman.
** Kid : Change your voice to a Kid's voice.
** Robot : Change your voice and make it sound like a Robot is speaking.
** Lazy : Slow down the voice and make it funnier. This option will slow down the speed of your voice and make it funnier.
** Frankenstein : Change your voice to heavy like Frankenstein.
** Rapid : Increase the taking speed and make the voice funny.
** Mouse : Make your voice squeaky like a mouse.
** Manual Voice Customisation : Customise voice by setting Pitch, Tempo and Frequency of choice.

Note : Each person has different kind of voice. Hence, the converted voices will vary from person to person.


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